Patch 11 on the infamous Yamaha DX7 is widely considered one of the most popular factory patches in history, with the DX7 being used by artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, The Cure to Depeche Mode and Queen to only name a few.

The legendary E. Piano 1 is played via Velocity Sensitive keys on the DX7, which plays back different amounts of FM Modulation as you press down harder.

It's sound has been copied, recreated and emulated thousands of times and has evolved into the more modern "DX7 Rhodes sound" and "Fulltines" with it's sharper high frequencies but there is still something about that smooth original DX7 Patch 11 sound.

This page showcases the Original Patch 11 sampled and put into a Velocity sensitive Renoise 3 Instrument. Free Download. Enjoy!

Yamaha DX7 Patch 11 Sound
Classic Mario 64 Song Emulated Sound
Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy
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